How to win at Book of Dead

A lot of tricks and secrets a masked behind the Ancient Egyptian-themed civilization inspired game. For the book of dead’s treasure, everything started in the 20th century, lots of Egyptologists hunted for scary mummies and fascinating treasures in Valley of the kinds. But all the graves they discovered were looted in antique.

Even Babylon Kings claimed that “in Egypt, there are tons of gold than the sand of the sea.” The treasures in tombs and sarcophagi aren’t only coins but also jewellery with precious stones, black wood chairs laid with gold, golden models of chariots, golden masks, large and small figurines. All of these riches, according to the Egyptians, was meant to surround Pharaoh in the afterlife. However, the dreaming about treasure, we will tell you how to find them and how to win bets at the book of the dead slot, which of course is devoted to the adventures and long-lost cities of Africa. Players will have a great chance to increase your chances of them winning if they listen to our professional recommendations and feedback of the tester.

We’ve got experts that check all the tips that are described in a different section below, and one tester, in particular, left practical and useful information. The test also has everything a player needs to know about the secrets that the slots machine conceals.

Personal testers opinion

Have you ever seen the movie “Treasure of Ancient Egypt?” After seeing the film, you’ll understand the slot, especially the fact that the online space has incredible plot and topic. There are lots of chances of winning the game. Though at first, you should get acquainted with the secrets of the game. Players need to understand that if you choose the maximum bet, it will be worth having a huge bankroll. As a result, you won’t always choose the stake that’s based on the amount which is available on the opened casino account. It’s possible to keep a positive betting balance in the game and spend more playing. After thirty to forty spins again increase it.

The hidden settings and parameters of the slot

  • RTP of 96.21% allows players to get a positive mathematical expectation at the casino mougle
  • Volatility is 11.87 out of a possible 20 (which is relatively high).
  • The average winning from the bonus remained 76x
  • The rating of the slots game for the wagering is 1.23 out of 10.
  • The frequency of falling of the bonus statistically every 177th spins (which is 0.56%)
  • The probability of a hit is 29.08%.
  • The maximum payout of the game during the tests was 5,021x
  • Distribution of the bet winnings is 57% in the usual spins and 43% in the bonus feature.

In a game session of the book of the dead, a player needs to make at least 200 free spins of reels. The more time a slots player spends on the game, the higher the chances of the winning. We recommend controlling your bankroll and not ignoring the established limits. After all, is said and done, the outcome of the game depends on the use of all the tips.